Emerald Cup Supply Co Bianchetto 71.26% – 500MG Live Rosin Cartridge


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Emerald Cup Supply Co
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Emerald Cup Supply Co brings their famed Bianchetto hybrid strain, an Emerald Cup Winner, to their 100% Solventless Live Rosin cartridge. Bianchetto is a hybrid cross of GMO x Hwachaeb that tastes of aromatic musk, truffles, grana, and diesel, and users experience effects that are heady, full body, serene, penetrating, and expansive.

For those who don’t know, Live Rosin is NOT Live Resin. Live Rosin > Live Resin. Through proprietary processes, Emerald Cup Supply Co has perfected the consistency of the extract inside our Live Rosin vape carts to ensure a perfect flow for even, thorough vaporization without the need for ANY additional fillers, leveling agents, added terpenes, solvents, oils, or anything else besides fresh-squeezed rosin. The Emerald Cup Supply Co. vape cartridge hardware itself is rigorously lab tested to California’s Phase III standards to ensure that it is always free of contaminants or heavy metals. Into that hardware goes a half a gram of the same top-quality, solvent-free, and cannabinoid-rich Live Rosin that we package and offer in dab form.

1 Cartridge – NET WT – 500MG


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