*Indoor* LitHouse 5 Alive 23% – 3.5g Hybrid Flower


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Nabis - Lit House
23.00 %


This juicy delight has been flying under the radar since her release by expert breeder Cannarado, but she’s definitely worthy of notoriety. One of the most potent flowers we cultivate at LitHouse, 5 Alive a cross of Bubblegum x Orange Juice and Grape Pie, is an overachiever, scoring the highest marks in taste, aroma, beauty, and effects. The sunny flavor of freshly juiced orange perfectly captures the sensory pleasure of this energetic strain. As photogenic as she is flavorful, 5 Alive yields thick, colorful buds, coated in sticky resin, just waiting to be squeezed. A personal favorite for quite a few of our LitHouse team members and industry partners, 5 Alive has that perfect care-free high that puts a big grin on your face, like you just got an unexpected check in the mail and everything’s coming up roses.


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