LitHouse – Zelly’s Gift – 2 x 0.5g Pre-Roll


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Nabis - Lit House


Jack Herer x (Afgoo x Purple Thai x Super Lemon Haze x God Bud)

Zelly’s Gift is one of those rare, special flowers that connects you with true joy and leaves you feeling spiritually uplifted. Even the buds themselves look cheerful with their lively green leaves and big fluffy calyxes. Zelly’s has a bright, healing, herbal aroma of pine and green citrus complimented by a fresh flavor or crisp fruit and flowers, cypress and mint. Zelly’s is rich in one of the less common terpenes, Terpinolene, which is valued for it’s clarifying and healing properties. Smiling, giggling, and feeling free, Zelly’s reminds you of the goodness of life with a kind-hearted and joyous high.

Your favorite LitHouse cultivars in an easy to enjoy pre-roll. We think two is better than one, so each pack comes with two half-gram pre-rolls to give you the maximum amount of freshness and flavor with each and every puff. All of our pre-rolls come with the same high-quality cannabis we put in our jars. Our pre-rolls are 100% flower, no trim.

2 Pack Pre-Rolls – 0.5g each


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