Rosette Wellness LVL – Cannabis Tincture 150mg/15mL


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Rosette Wellness


The Rosette Wellness LVL cannabis tincture is a blend of the acid THCA and neutral THC along with CGG and CGCA, Cannabigerol and Cannabigerolic acid. Together they provide powerful relief with very high antioxidant, anti inflammatory and terpene content. LVL will feel like a welcome, comforting blanket. When life gets stressful, our LVL tincture can help keep you calm.

Other Uses:
– Acute pain
– Muscle soreness and recovery
– Stress relief/anti-anxiety/depression
– Migraine Prevention
– Inflammation, cancer treatment support and seizures
– Antibacterial (CBG is known to kill or slow bacterial growth)
– Topical pain & skin irritations

About Rosette Tinctures:
РRosette Wellness is considered one of California’s top nutraceutical medical Cannabis companies with 20+ years experience
– Our cannabis tinctures are made using only top shelf flower grown in the Humboldt sun. No shake, no trim.
– Our cannabis extract is combined with MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil made from coconuts to make the correct ratio for your needs
– MCT oil has nutritional benefits, is easy to digest and is rapidly absorbed by the body
– Blending the MCT with our extract also produces a very even tincture because of the compatible molecule size, so the first dropper has the same cannabinoid content as the last. No shaking required.

– Can be applied sublingually (under the tongue), put into food, beverage or capsule or used topically
– 0.5 FL OZ (15mL or 150mg)
– 10mg/mL per dropper/dose

Per Bottle:
THC: 70mg
THCA: 62mg
CBG: 3mg
CBGA: 9mg
“Potential” THC: 125mg
Total Cannabinoids: 144mg


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